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Hunted Book 1 - Signed Copy (J.S. Davidson)

Hunted Book 1 - Signed Copy (J.S. Davidson)

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Book 1 of The Aztec Saga series.

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(Book 1)


'If one should fall,

They each will fade.

Darkness will come,

No one will evade.'


There was once a time I didn’t believe in the supernatural. I dismissed the strange book that came into my life as nothing but junk, and I considered the warnings that followed to be mere folklore.


Now, as I sit in my concrete cell with the three boxes filled with unnerving contents, I can think of nothing else but the fortune teller’s warning, he will hunt you, he will find you, he will claim you as his own. And, you will love him until you draw your final breath. And I do - I do love him.


I pray to God - any God who may be listening - to give me strength and the power to fight. I know what lays before me, and I know it's going to take every ounce of strength I have.'


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‘Unputdownable. Holy crap! Incredible.’


‘Was biting my nails the entire way through. Fairly certain I stopped breathing a few times too. Wow! Brilliant.’ 


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